María Menéndez

School Director - English teacher - Translator - Proofreader
  • After gragraduating in English Studies and obtaining  her Teaching Certificate (CAP) at Valladolid University, she started her professional life as a teacher at San Diego State University (California, USA) more than 15 years ago and has not stopped working in the Education sector ever since.
  • During all that time, she has acquired a wide range of knowledge that has enabled her to expand her experience and to apply that knowledge in her classes of General and Business English or Official Exams Preparation, since she holds CPE (Certificate of Proficiency in English) awarded by University of Cambridge as well as ETS-TOEFL.
  • Having specialized in English Phonetics at UCL (University College London), one of her greatest passions, she possesses a deep knowledge of the English language, which allows her to teach at all levels showing/passing on her students her vocation.